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2nd place on the ranking list of „Fundusze Europejskie” magazin in a category of „Leaders in wining grants for water and wastewater projects” 17 August 2015
Our company took the 2nd position on the ranking list of „Fundusze Europejskie” magazin in a category of „Leaders in wining grants for water and wastewater projects” with the total amount of 437,75 million PLN of gained grants for our clients during the period of January 1, 2013 till December 31, 2014.

Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment for the City of Rzeszów 27 May 2015
We commenced development of the strategic environmental impact assessment procedure for the document entitled “City of Rzeszów Development Strategy until 2025 Update”

7,5 million PLN of EU Cohesion Fund funding for Chełmiec Municipality wastewater project 21 April 2015
Based on the application documents developed by LEMTECH, the Municipality of Chełmiec got EU Cohesion Fund co-financing of 7,5 million PLN for their “Improvement of water and wastewater management” Project. The project aims at construction of Piątkowa wastewater treatment plant, modernization of Mała Wieś wastewater treatment plant, construction and modernization of sewage system and construction of a pumping station.

Project Cost-Benefit analysis update for the City of Bełchatów 3 April 2015
We updated the cost-benefit analysis for the project “Construction and modernization of water and wastewater system in the city of Bełchatów” taking into consideration the actual financial and macro-economic data in order to recalculate the funding gap and determine the actual level of EU Cohesion Fund project co-financing.

Development of Water Use and Effluent Discharge Permit Proceeding Document for Głogów wastewater treatment plant 31 March 2015

Development of water and wastewater management conceptual design for the Municipality of Skarszewy 28 February 2015
The conceptual design included the analysis and verification of the agglomeration area that was planned for construction of water supply as well as construction of sewage system and local wastewater treatment plants.

Analysis of Project Product and Result indicators for Municipality of Kocmyrzów-Luborzyca 30 December 2014
We carried out the Project Product and Result analysis for the implemented sanitary sewer project and the number of people connected to the sewage system for thwe project entitled “Construction of sewage system in the area of Municipality of Kocmyrzów –Luborzyca –Stage 1” including the verification of “Agglomeration Map” in regard of complying with the require network concentration indicator.

Updating of financial model for Municipality of Zielonki 9 December 2014
We updated the financial application documents for the project entitled “Water and wastewater management in the municipality of Zielonki – Stage III” that resulted in confirmation of the Cohesion Fund Intermediate Body on the approval of project co-financing under Priority 1, Activity 1.1. of the Operational Programme Infrastrtructure & Environment.

Development of Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment for Szczecin Regional Water Management Authority 25 November 2014
By the order of Szczecin Regional Water Management Authority we developed the Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment for the project of implementing new law on the use of Tywa River basin water. Under the project we developed the draft EIA, worked out the methodology of monitoring the effects of new legislation implementation, carried out public consultations and developed the final version of the Strategic EIA.

Changes of agglomeration plan in the city of Strzegom 20 November 2014
We developed the changes in the agglomeration plan for the city of Strzegom to include changes in PE (people equivalent) and its boundries in order to comply with the requirements of the Directive No 91/271/EC on the communal wastewater as well as to comply with the statements of the National Programme of Communal Wastewater Treatment

Social and economic Development Strategy for the Municipality of Jerzmanowice-Przeginia 31 October 2014
We updated the existing “Social and economic development strategy for the municipality of Jerzmanowice Przeginia for the period of 2013-2020” in order to adjust it to the planned changes of water and wastewater management agglomeration boundries in regard of new project financing principles in the period of 2014-2020.

Technical and economic analysis of Zabrze WWTP modernization 3 September 2014
By the order of Zabrze water utility we developed the technical and economic analysis to compare two alternative options of sludge management in Zabrze Mikulczyce WWTP. The work also included development of terms of reference for the selected option designing.

Development of comparative analysis for the sludge treatment processes In the city of Skierniewice 2 September 2014
By the order of WOD-KAN water utility we performed the comparative analysis of thermal hydrolysis and ultrasonic disintegration processes in the sludge processing facility in Mokra Prawa Wastewater Treatment Plant in the city of Skierniewice.

Optimisation of wastewater treatment processes In Procter & Gamble plant 28 August 2014
We performed the technological audit and consulted the operational results and the conditions of WWTP processes in regard of optimizing the process control which also included the staff training on WWTP processes control in a Procter & Gamble Plant in Aleksandrów Łódzki

Retention Programme for Silesian Voivodship
October 1, 2012

Our experts completed work on the "Small Water Retention in the Silesia with the environmental impact assessment". The primary objective of the study was to set the directions for flood protection, to improve the water balance of river basins, to increase the disposable resources of water - all by using methods corresponding to the principles of sustainable development. Part of the study was forecast of enviromental impact assessment of proposed programme.

LEMTECH together with the Maritime Academy in Szczecin completed Feasibility Study and Functional Utility Program for pilot implementation of River Information System for Lower Oder.
September 29, 2012

The aim of the project was the implementation of River Information System on the Lower Oder. The implementation of system will enable the inclusion of Polish inland waterways to the pan-European River Information System. In this way Poland will offer services on the same level as the other European waterways of international importance. River Information System system includes human resources, hardware, software, and communications, together with the relevant regulations righteous, designed to fulfill the tasks related to the processing of information. The use of a pan-European harmonized river information system will make inland waterway transport more: safe, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Project for Regional Water Management Authority
September 19, 2012

We completed an analysis of the possibility of establishing protected areas for inland water reservoirs in the area managed by Regional Water Management Authority in Szczecin.
The aim of the study was to analyze the need for the extended protection of areas around inland water reservoirs, which could serve as sources of public water supply. As a result, prohibitions, orders and restrictions on land use have been identified and proposed to Regional Water Management Authority in Szczecin.

Loan proposal for sewerage systems in Jaworzno
July 31, 2012

We developed a proposal for a loan for the project "Modernization and expansion of the sewerage system of Jaworzno City " phase II

Waste Management Program for the ŁódĽ Province
June 29, 2012

Experts of our Environmental Department completed work on the Waste Management Programme for ŁódĽ Province. This strategic document was developed for ŁódĽ Voivodeship which is divided into 24 counties and its population is over 2,5 mln.
The Waste Management Programme included: detailed analysis of the current state of waste management in the province; proposed changes in waste management, including changes depending from changes in demographic and economic conditions; targets and goals for waste management in ŁódĽ Province (expected achievements in prevention, reduction of the amount of biodegradable municipal waste transferred to landfills etc); proposed development of the waste management system; schedule of planned activities with cost estimation; environmental impact assessment.

Strategic Environmental Assessment for Krakow
May 18, 2012

LEMTECH will develop a forecast of the environmental impact of the "Concept of drainage and flood safety investements in Krakow". The work is already underway.

Project design and cost estimates - Glogow
April 15, 2012

We started the development of project design and cost estimate documentation for reconstruction of municipal sewage treatment plant in Głogów.

Retention Programme for Silesian Voivodship
March 27, 2012

LEMTECH Consulting develops an update to "Small Water Retention in the Silesia with the environmental impact assessment"

LEMTECH in consortium with the Maritime Academy in Szczecin will develop a Feasibility Study and Functional Utility Program for pilot implementation of River Information System for Lower Oder.
September 16, 2011

As a result of the tender procedure, carried out by the Ministry of Infrastructure, the consortium will complete the work associated with the preparation of the Feasibility Study and the Functional Utility Program for the pilot implementation of RIS Lower Oder. The contract will be co-financed from the budget of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) in the framework of the TEN-T 2010-PL-70206-M - "Pilot implementation of RIS Lower Oder".

High rank in prestigious list
1 August 2006
The second most influential Polish daily "Rzeczpospolita" established a ranking of the best managed self-governmental municipalities. The journalists carefully checked municipal finances and specially paid an attention to a the amount of gained funds from European Union. After these researches Krakow and Bydgoszcz towns were recognized as two of the best of big cities. It is a great honor for us because thanks to our technical assistance both cities will receive a grants of 119 mln euro in common from the UE Cohesion Fund for the following infrastructure projects: "Bydgoszcz Renovation and Reclamation of Existing Water - Sewerage System Program" (we acted in cooperation with DHV and DS Consulting) and "programme for improvement of the quality and reliability of the water and sewage system of the city of Krakow, stage I".

Hidnus are interested in Polish experiences
8 June 2006
Last week Poland was visited by a group of representatives of ministries and other state offices from India who were interested in regional municipal solid waste management in our country. They visited municipalities and organizations which implemented effective solid waste management programs, solid waste management plants and hazardous waste handling facilities. Their stay in Poland was possible thanks to the World Bank Water and Sanitation Program.

Support for Ukraine's reforms
8 June 2006
We delivered, in the frame of LARGIS II (Local and Regional Government Institutional Strengthening) Programme technical assiastence for the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine. The LARGIS - financed by the British International Development Department - was mainly set up for the supporting of territorial administrative reform, developing a transparent and stable intergovernmental finance system and increasing the effectiveness of public services in Ukraine at regional and local levels.

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